An exhaustive and authoritative investigation into the Christadelphians with links from their own sources as well as insights from former members. Complete examination of their history, organisation, theology, practices, and the challenges they face.


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Reply Ady Miles
5:52 PM on April 7, 2016 

This is a very interesting website. It's always good for any religious community to test its beliefs and traditions.

Reply roy
12:41 PM on June 28, 2015 

thanks for all this info, it has been very helpful

Reply ejk
9:59 PM on June 23, 2015 

Pat, I am not surprised the way you were treated, I am not a christo, but had a theological relationship with CD's and know few which I found ok, but bit up themselves that they know it all. At a lecture, one person said that John Thomas was inspired by God to rediscover the truth, but after investigating JT personally, I have found out that he was no different then you and I, he was not moved by God, he did not like everything Christianity preached so he got on the band wagon and started his own religion and passed on his views. Then he wrote books, but copied other writers, called his books " original, authentic ", he was plagarist, but many christos don't know, or do not want to know. I have heard Christos say" that they have been called out by God, that they alone hold the truth, they are priviledged to hold the key of knowledge to unlock the hidden secrets in the Bible, really, I see them now as nutty professors of the theologie, they have written off all other believers, " because we know" CD's like to think that they are kings with knowledge and can search out all. And yes they watch middle east with hawk eyes for signs " Jesus is coming soon ". Christ said " I will come like a thief in the night " so no one knows when, but we can only assume. Are they a cult, perhaps not , but are a cult minded sect.

Reply Pat
6:15 AM on May 28, 2015 

Are your members aware a group of Christadelphians went so nutty on their doctrine that it resulted in a small migration to Israel?  The folks believed the Second Advent was imminent, and sold all of their houses and possessions and went to await Christ's imminent arrival in the Holy Land.  Of course, the dear one never put in an appearance.  The result was suicide attempts, deportations, divorces, violence, incarcerations, bankruptcies.

And this is not a cult?  By whose definition does it not qualify?  

And this was evident long before the above-mentioned migration.  In one church to which I belonged, the entire meeting was run based on fear of the church's self-appointed firebrand.  

My experiences with this religion were nightmarish.

Reply Pat
6:08 AM on May 28, 2015 

I was excommunicated for "marrying out of the Truth."  Meaning, I married someone outside of the religion.  Others, who had done likewise, were not excommunicated.  When I protested the double standard, they then changed the reason for excommunication to "being too long absent from the Table of the Lord" (meaning, communion / services).  But I'd had two elderly relatives in diapers and wheelchairs to care for, and had been unable to attend services, because the relatives could not be left unattended.  The church was ten minutes from our house, but no one there came to sit with the old folks, so I could sometimes attend services, and it also occurred to no one to bring communion to us.  Such disciples of Christ.....

So they kicked me out.  And with each passing year, despite initial disorientation and confusion and unhappiness, I have become more and more certain I can never return to their meetings.  They are, it has become clear to me, a cult.

Reply bret wickham
11:05 AM on December 29, 2014 
Hello. I was unable to suggest via your feedback section. I would like to publicize the incongruity between what john Thomas claimed and what the earliest church believed. My wife and I left the CD org with our kids 3 yrs ago. I am 7th generation. Reading clement, Ignatius of Antioch and polycarp among others was invaluable for me. These were the appointed leaders able to reach others after them (as per 2 Timothy and Titus) and they believe in the devil, demons, reward immediately at death in heaven with jesus, they worshipped Christ and referred to him as "God"...not what I was taught the early church held. Please add this section to your excellent website. I will help if you like.
Reply R.S. Mani
9:59 AM on August 2, 2014 

Thanks for letting me. join the site .....

Reply keijo
5:05 AM on May 5, 2014 

I am so glad that confess Jesus as my Lord in the Holy Spirits power and be thankful for you all in faith for christ in grace and let us be big indeeds with God and be learn of the Holy Spirit and sowing our seed in blessing ,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Reply FreeToSave
4:05 PM on April 10, 2013 

Never underestimate the deceit and dishonesty that this group is capable of. They spend all of their time dismissing others, babbling about prophecy, and claiming to read the bible. I spent 14 years married to one, and ten years as one, and I've paid the price.

 After being "in" for about 5 years, I was asked to repair the recording brother's ( and my father in laws) computer. The reason for the problem was immediately apparent, sadly although he believed himself to be exceptionally clever, and have discovered what Christians for 2000 years had missed,  he did not know how to cover his tracks on the internet. All those hours in the "study" were really spent watching teenage girls perform oral sex on older men, no wonder his dismal exhortations and lectures were lacking content, and mostly sounded like quickly rehashed bits of the Christadelphian. Oh well, at least it's young girls he's interested in!

 Still, this is Christadelphianism, My brother in law certainly knew about the spirit, he drank enough of it in the strip clubs and casinos he spent his time in. He always wore a nice suit to the meeting on a Sunday, and could always be relied on to "lecture" so that's OK. Rule number 2, do as I say, not as I do.

When my wife had become bored, and had an affair, the "meetings" response was to cover it up, pretend it never happened, her Mother's was to advise her to take money, and hide it so that when she left me she would have plenty! 

Sure enough, she did leave, The recording brother and his wife made all the arrangements, in secret, and booked my 2 children in with them to the so called Swanwick Christadelphian "Bible School"  while the deed was done. How Christian.

It later came to light that they had defrauded me of £14,000 too. Never mind, i'd left the meeting by then, and it's OK to defraud people in the "world" isn't it?

My ex-father in law, the recording brother, continues to exhort and lecture, and my kids have to go to Sunday School. He now has a new activity too, he's a big noise in the regional "Youth Group" too.

Oh, I forgot to daughter turned 13 a few months ago. That's right, she's a teenager!

Now, I'm sure some Christadelphian will pop up and delete this post, or a least make apology, and assure me that it's just individuals, they always do. They are brethren and sisters, but when they misbehave they are all individuals. And they always vote him back in too.

If you are looking for the truth, look elsewhere, they don't have it, in fact they don't even have the common decency that the world does. They just have their own, insular, and out of date belief set that they use, along with their suits and hats and "meetings" to hide their own lies, dishonesty, and distortion.

Thank God I am free of them.

Reply EJK
6:36 PM on December 3, 2012 

Relationship with christadelphians:from personal expirience is very difficult,looked upon as unbeliever,they are always correct in the theological discussions, a lot of J.Thomas and R.Roberts teachings, failed end time prophesies brushed away, so what everybody makes a mistake, no sir don't speculate then you will not end up with an egg on the face, difficult people to deal with.


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