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Bible Research Links

Early Christian WritingsRECOMMENDED!!

Today vast libraries of early Christian material is available online allowing people to research the restorationist beliefs of churches like the Christadelphians to have reclaimed apostolic truth. Here is one such resource.

The Development of the Canon of the New TestamentRECOMMENDED!!

Christadelphians suggest the help of the Holy Spirit was withdrawn as the New Testament was finish to be replaced by following the completed Bible. This site helps to learn more about how the canon was compiled into its present form and whether this explanation is historically feasible.

Notes on the SeptuagintRECOMMENDED!!

The New Testament was written in Greek and many early Christians used the Septuagint (or Greek version) of the Old Testament. This includes New Testament writers as can be shown by analyses of quotations. This has implications for the concept of Biblical infallibility of scripture because the Hebrew and Greek versions have variances. Read the article in the section on the Bible on this site.

Pseudegraphica, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings

Another list of early religious writings.

Methods of Interpreting the Bible

Simple review of some common methods of interpreting the Bible.

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

Access ancient Jewish scrolls, discovered in the early twentieth century online which lend light to the accuracy of the Bible and which documents were used at the time.



Probably the best free downloaded computer Bible available. Huge number of Bibles, commentaries, maps and other aids available.

Bible Gateway

A choice of online and audio Bibles, as well as other resources.






Christadelphian Quotes

You lay a great stress upon facts throughout your letters, and are incessant in your demand that I should attend to them. This is good; but facts have to be rightly put together, and then you must have all the facts. I do not think you put the facts rightly together, and you leave out some, I am sure.

(Robert Roberts, a Christadelphian Pioneer, quoted

by Ruth McHaffie in Brethren Indeed)

The Spirit of liberty, based upon the law of faith, is the Spirit of Christ; and this spirit all the Sons of God are privileged to possess, and having it, to breathe. I claim the right of exercising this privilege, as well as my contemporaries; and I require of them that they should do to me as once they loudly required others to do to them…

(written by John Thomas, the founder of the Christadelphians, when he was against creeds in 

The Apostolic Advocate magazine, August 1836)

(John Thomas, from Apostacy Unveiled, p. 137,

quoted in The Christadelphian Magazine, January 1906)

Must a man never progress? If he discovers an error in his premises, must he for ever hold to it for the sake of consistency? May such a calamity never befall me! Rather let me change every day, till I get right at last.

(from a letter written by John Thomas in 1848, quoted by Robert Roberts, in Dr. Thomas: His Life and Work)

Do what is right; be valiant for the Truth; teach it without compromise, and all lovers of the Truth will approve you. For all others you need not care a rush!

(from a letter written by John Thomas to Robert Roberts and published in The Christadelphian magazine, February 1866)