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About the Links Section

The guiding principle of this site is to aid research, so the sites listed are far from being a complete listing of all Christadelphian sites. They are also extremely diverse. So some are written by theists, others by atheists. They do not in any way therefore represent my personal views. Nor is my aim to act as a censor and the listing of any sites is not to aid any agendas they may have. The aim is to give readers enough information to make balanced assessments themselves.

I have added RECOMMENDED!! tags to some pages. These are to aid folk in quickly identifying those sites that are the best and most likely to give useful information. It also seeks to reward those sites which have put a lot of effort into researching their material, add substantive material or add to the ongoing discussions and debates. These can be either for newcomers, Christadelphians or former


Few of the Christadelphian sites that are recommended represent historical Christadelphian positions. The reason for that is most lack depth. The Antipas site is by a minority Christadelphian fellowship and gets one because it fairly represents historical Christadelphian beliefs and attitudes and is therefore authentic. The pioneer Christadelphian writings have original thought which is lacked by most Christadelphian sites and writings today which are bland in comparison. Most have not made serious efforts to address current issues either which suggests that it is not easily done. The ones that do make useful additions to the debate are therefore on the liberal/ heretical wing of Christadelphia. I would like to see more conservative sites make serious efforts to answer the issues this site and others raise and if they do they will be added.

If you would like a link added please email me giving details of why you believe it would be relevant.






Christadelphian Quotes

You lay a great stress upon facts throughout your letters, and are incessant in your demand that I should attend to them. This is good; but facts have to be rightly put together, and then you must have all the facts. I do not think you put the facts rightly together, and you leave out some, I am sure.

(Robert Roberts, a Christadelphian Pioneer, quoted

by Ruth McHaffie in Brethren Indeed)

The Spirit of liberty, based upon the law of faith, is the Spirit of Christ; and this spirit all the Sons of God are privileged to possess, and having it, to breathe. I claim the right of exercising this privilege, as well as my contemporaries; and I require of them that they should do to me as once they loudly required others to do to them…

(written by John Thomas, the founder of the Christadelphians, when he was against creeds in 

The Apostolic Advocate magazine, August 1836)

(John Thomas, from Apostacy Unveiled, p. 137,

quoted in The Christadelphian Magazine, January 1906)

Must a man never progress? If he discovers an error in his premises, must he for ever hold to it for the sake of consistency? May such a calamity never befall me! Rather let me change every day, till I get right at last.

(from a letter written by John Thomas in 1848, quoted by Robert Roberts, in Dr. Thomas: His Life and Work)

Do what is right; be valiant for the Truth; teach it without compromise, and all lovers of the Truth will approve you. For all others you need not care a rush!

(from a letter written by John Thomas to Robert Roberts and published in The Christadelphian magazine, February 1866)